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The Black Autumn truffle (Tuber Uncinatum Chatin) also known as Tartufo Uncinato or Burgundy truffle, is very similar to the Summer Truffle, so much so that according to several scholars, it is actually an autumnal variety of this truffle. The differences, not always easy to tell, are related to the truffle’s appearance (peridium, gleba, shape and size), to the aroma, and especially to the later ripening period. Its skin ranges from very dark brown to black, with small warts; and its flesh varies from hazel to brown in colour, with extremely ramified pale whitish veins. The scientific name uncinatum derives from the Latin term uncinatus [hooked] due to the particular shape of its spores, characterised by membranes that, when observed under the microscope, reveal small hook-like filaments.

Suggestion: Fresh Black Autumn Truffles (Tuber Uncinatum) can be quite splendid sliced into sauces, over pasta, risotto or into omelets or salad.

We usually recommend a serving size of 5-7 grams of fresh truffle per dish per person (approx. 4-5 servings per ounce).

Storing: Keep refrigerated at under 6 C/ 40F for up to a week wrapped in a paper bag. We recommend consuming the truffles soon after they are received.