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Though not as famous as its larger cousin, the legendary White Alba Truffle, the Bianchetto truffle (aka tuber borchii, Italian spring white truffle, Tuscany white truffle) offers a similar flavor. To describe this flavor to someone who hasn't experienced an Italian white truffle before is difficult at best, however, this truffle is often referred to as sharp, earthy, garlicky and/or cheesy.

Bianchetto truffles are unique in the wild truffle world because they can be any of a wide variety of colors: brown, orange, tan, black or anything in between. Thus, color is not a good indicator of freshness. Instead, look for a firm texture and a strong truffle aroma.


Fresh White Truffle ( Tuber Borchii ) Bianchetto


Keep refrigerated at under 6 C/ 40F for up to a week wrapped in a paper bag. We recommend consuming the truffles soon after they are received.