Intergourmandise Guarantee

When you choose INTERGOURMANDISE premium wild mushrooms and truffles you will have peace of mind knowing that you get the very best.

We go to enormous lengths to ensure that the product you buy from us is perfect every time. Our product is consistently superior.

The reason is that we source all our products to pedantic specification. Our suppliers are experts in their field with plenty to choose from to ensure that they are able to supply us with only the very best, so that we can deliver you an extraordinarily consistent product every time. Our products will always look the same, feel the same and taste the same so that each new order is just as delicious as the last!

All our products have our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your 100% satisfaction with our products and ordering process is our top priority. We want you to have a wonderful dining experience and come back to shop with us again.

Your complete satisfaction is very important to us at INTERGOURMANDISE. Our promise is to provide the very best service that we can.

Our dedication to quality begins at the suppliers, which is why we work hard to source from trustworthy sources with high standards. And we stand behind all of our products with full confidence.

We guarantee that you will get our fresh, top-quality wild mushrooms and truffles delivered to your door quickly and efficiently. Your order will be carefully packed, and will arrive in undamaged condition.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee the quality and freshness of our products. If you have ANY concerns, questions or comments about your order please email us at and we will respond promptly .

Our freshness and quality stand alone, we guarantee it!

Our Company strives to provide excellent Customer Service, and we will do whatever we can to ensure your satisfaction.